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This company is active in the field of design, production, reconstruction and reverse engineering of pumps required for water, oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical and related industries in accordance with global standards.

Gols of Psmp

The main goal of the management team of PSMP is to improve the performance level of the products and also to identify the weak points, to continuously improve the quality and to satisfy the domestic and foreign consumers and to introduce this product for export


According to the demand of relevant industries for the use of these pumps to transfer fluids with light-heavy viscosity; This company initially repaired and rebuilt the mentioned pumps and in the next step formed a specialized working group in the field of identifying weak points in this product with research, development, research and employment of expert and experienced forces to improve the performance of these pumps and produce screw shafts

Twin Screw Pump

Gear Pump

Triple screw pump

Our Services


PSMP is active in the fields of design, technical and engineering consulting services, optimization and manufacturing of pumps and spare parts of all kinds of screw and vane pumps required in steel, chemical, water and sewage, food, oil, gas, petrochemical and mineral industries, using academic expertise and relying on the scientific ability and innovation of company members, as well as using advanced hardware and software systems, including 3D scanners, 8 lasers – 3D printers, Catia, Fluent, CFX and CFTurbo. Using CFTurbo, Bladegen, Pumplinx and Numeca software, the hydraulic design of turbo machine components such as propeller, vane and screw is done and before making the sample, the flow is analyzed with the help of Fluent or Ansys CFX program and the relevant optimizations are done and finally the 3D model is made and enters the production process. By using the above design knowledge, all kinds of pumps can be designed and produced


PSMP tries to meet the maximum needs of industries, companies and factories by using its excellent personnel and consultants.

• Designing and manufacturing all kinds of casting models of pump parts

Casting of pump parts from all kinds of cast iron, steel and steel alloys (high-cream and anti-wear cast irons, etc.)

• Conducting NDT tests, hydrostatic parts under pressure and metallurgical tests

• 3D scanning and accurate data collection and preparation of construction plans for all types of pump parts

• Reengineering and optimization of pump parts


By receiving basic information and customer needs and recording information in special forms such as flow rate, pressure and physical and chemical characteristics of the fluid, using experienced designers and experts and using the most advanced design and analysis software, combining the experience of decades of manufacturing, PSMP offers the best offer to the dear consumers.

By transferring information and design files to the modeling unit and using the advanced facilities of this unit, such as 3D printer devices and cnc milling machines in various dimensions, the construction of the most complex geometric shapes is done with great precision

Reverse Engineering

The main requirement for manufacturing parts by reverse engineering method is the presence of a sample of which the leading engineering company Sanat Mould Pars is ready, if there is a sample in the warehouse or at the applicant’s site, it will collect the information of the part for the documentation of the construction in the desired location in the most accurate way

Available capacities

With significant equipment and investment in research, quality control and the use of equipped machines and attracting experts, continuous training of personnel, efforts are being made to obtain technical certificates from the relevant parent companies; It also tries to achieve the above goals with short-term plans including participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions and communicating and cooperating with well-known companies in this industry